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the girl with many names.
19 June 2013 @ 09:08 pm
我可以成为你的彼得潘。 i can be your peter pan.
based on the chinese lyrics of exo's peter pan, which is actually quite sad (why is the beat happy?? ;;), and as such will have lines and references from peter pan, both the movie and the novel.
my first ever fic after two years (and the longest i've ever written WAT), so pls be kind.
dedicated to my layhan shipping tumblr friends and enablers (especially lari and jaqui and sally and all my anons who motivated me to finish this dsjk you guys are amazing ;w;) - thanks for putting up with my neverending layhan feels. ♥
加帅 - be more handsome/plus handsome; 宝贝- baby; 傻瓜- fool/idiot; 王老吉- herbal tea drink
message to readers: thank you so much for reading and commenting!! ;; i'm too shy to reply over here, huhuhu, but i read all your comments and they really mean a lot. ;___; thank you so much. ♥

it’s not until later in his life when he is able to tell the difference; it’s not the fairytales he believes in, it’s luhan.Collapse )
the girl with many names.
26 May 2011 @ 05:45 pm
To always remember.